“Caesars Palace” Replica Helmet

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An exact replica utilizing the original candy colors that were applied back in the late 60's. Along with schemes of one of the most famed helmets of all time.
Special attention was taken to match the colors perfectly. Taking into consideration the helmet would not have had any exposure to the sun, fading the true candy colors. The original helmet was removed from the museum display case, then studied and traced to match the original size and location of the graphics. For an exact replication. Upon this close study, we found that the ovals are not the same from one side to the other, signifying that it was truly hand painted. After the layers of candy dry the lettering that bares Evel’s name are hand painted, then the ovals and pinstripes are applied. The final three coats of UV glamour clear are then applied. All helmets are hand signed, numbered and DOT approved. (Allow 30 days for delivery).