“Caesars Palace” Replica Crash Helmet

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For the first time ever. A helmet that mirrors the aftermath of the crash heard around the world. This is a true piece of art. It includes duplicated damage that reveals three layers of hand painted history.
We start with the black and yellow base coats that match the early years. Utilizing identical research from the pre-crash helmet for placement of the graphics. Along with lightening the candy colors to match the fading of the original, many extra steps are taken to age this helmet. A tinted intercoat of clear and yellow replicates the aged lacquer of the original. Even flattening agents were added to dull the finish. The distressing process begins. We then scuff the helmet in various ways to replicate the scarring of the original. Using other techniques with lettering paint, this painstaking process will truly give you the look and texture of the original in all its glory. All helmets are hand signed, numbered and DOT approved. (Allow 30 days for delivery).